About Us

A Maine Tradition ~ 100 Years

Since the 1920’s Day’s has been serving hand-picked crabmeat, Maine lobster and steamed clams.  Although we are famous for our hand-picked crabmeat, we sell a bounty of Maine Lobster.  Our fried seafood is authentic and delicious.  Come dine with us and we will make you a loyal customer, hopefully for generations!


Freshest Local Seafood

We sell cooked and live lobsters caught by your local fishermen.  In our lobster pound you can select the lobsters you would like and we do the rest!  We have fresh crabmeat, steamer clams, fresh soups and more.  If you are planning a party we can cook your lobsters and have them ready when you arrive.


Gateway to Maine

If you are visiting our great State of Maine, we are easy to find.  Just off of I-295, take Exit 17 and you will find us cooking the freshest seafood available.  Our outside dining offers a scenic view of the Cousins River in Yarmouth. Open 5 Days a Week Until New Year’s Eve!